Winter Driving Tips from Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals

Snow in Blue Ridge, Georgia

While the state of Georgia isn’t known for its large amounts of snowfall, we do get snow from time to time. This is especially true in Blue Ridge, due to our elevation and location. The snowy roads and frosty trees make for some great pictures and scenery, but winter conditions can be a different experience for those who aren’t prepared to drive in it. That’s why we put together a few winter driving tips to take note of as you travel to Blue Ridge from out of state or as you drive to your North GA cabin from somewhere (south of) Georgia.

General Winter Driving Tips When Travelling to Your North GA Cabin Rentals

  • Make sure that all of your tires are inflated to their appropriate levels.
  • Avoid using cruise control when driving on potentially icy or slippery surfaces.
  • Do not use your parking break in the snow
  • Keep you gas tank at least half-full, so that it doesn’t freeze overnight.
  • Get some rest before you head out. Driving fatigued is never safe, but this is especially true in inclement weather conditions.

Long Distance Winter Driving Tips

  • Check out local weather reports and also weather reports for the destination that you will be travelling to. If you find that the weather is going to be extremely bad, delay your trip if at all possible.
  • If you must travel in bad weather, let others know about your plans and your travel route.
  • Make sure you have your cell phone with you, and confirm that you have the phone numbers of your insurance company if you get stuck and need a tow.
  • Do an overall check of your car before you head out. Check the headlights and taillights to make sure that they are clear. Make sure that your heater is working properly. Take care of any outstanding car issues before you leave, like oil changes.
  • Pull over at rest stops and use the restroom, or buy food or drinks. This will help break up some of the monotony that can come with a long distance trip.


Tips for Driving in the Snow


  • Don’t try to move in a hurry! Accelerating and decelerating is the last thing that you want to do, especially in a skid. By accelerating slower, you will gain more traction in the snow.
  • Keep on rolling if you can. For instance, rather than travelling at normal speeds and stopping at a traffic light, try slowing down considerably and rolling as long as you can. Sudden acceleration (like when a traffic light turns green) isn’t helpful in snowy conditions.
  • On unfamiliar forest roads, if you’re not sure about the road ahead of you, stop, put your flashers on and walk ahead to scope things out. Just don’t do this on a hill incase another car comes.
  • Speaking of driving slow, just expect things to move slower than normal when it is snowing outside. Dealing with these conditions can be frustrating, but keep in mind that everyone around you has to deal with them too.


All the staff at Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals hope that you and your family are safe wherever you are travelling to. We can promise that a warm cabin and great holiday fun await you upon your arrival to Blue Ridge, so come on in and get out of the cold!