Vacation Rentals: Full-Service Management Vs. Co-Hosting

Planning a successful vacation rental business involves more than just acquiring properties; it's about finding the right management model to maximize income and guest satisfaction. Two common approaches are full-service property management and co-hosting arrangements. In this article, we'll explore the differences between these models and help you determine which one is the best fit for your needs. 

Defining Full-Service Property Management:  

Full-service property management provides comprehensive support for property owners, handling all aspects of management from listing optimization to guest communication, cleaning, maintenance, and financial management. With a full-service model, property owners can enjoy a hands-off approach, trusting the management company to handle all aspects of their rental properties efficiently.  

Defining Co-Host Arrangements:  

Co-hosting involves a collaborative approach where property owners retain more control over their properties while partnering with a co-host or short-term rental management platform to assist with specific tasks. Co-hosts may handle tasks such as listing optimization, and guest communication. This model offers flexibility and cost-effectiveness, as property owners can choose which services they need assistance with while maintaining control over other aspects of management. 

Comparing Full Service and Co-Host Models

 Let's compare the key features, benefits, and considerations of full-service property management and co-hosting arrangements: 

Full Service

  • Benefits: Comprehensive support, expertise, convenience. 
  • Considerations: Higher cost, less control for property owners. 
  • Example: Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals offers full-service management, handling everything from marketing to maintenance, providing peace of mind for property owners. 


  • Benefits: Flexibility, cost-effectiveness, greater control for property owners. 
  • Considerations: Coordination and communication challenges may require more involvement from property owners. 
  • Example: A property owner partners with a local co-host to handle guest communication and key exchange, while retaining control over cleaning and maintenance tasks. 

Co-Host: A Homeowner’s Small Business 

Cohosting can provide valuable learning opportunities for property owners who want to be more involved in the management of their rental properties. By working closely with a co-host, owners can gain insights into best practices. Co-hosting arrangements can provide a personalized touch directly from the homeowners since the homeowners have a more hands on approach utilizing the co- host method. The guest experience can be elevated when having that personal touch from the homeowner. This immediately offers guest loyalty and a quality connection creating a trusted and reliable getaway experience between homeowner and guest.  

Cohosting arrangements can also be more cost-effective for property owners compared to full-service management. Since owners only pay for the specific services, they need assistance with, they can potentially save money on management fees. However, they will probably need to contract the maintenance or housekeeping if they don’t intend on being hands-on in this area of property management, which comes with its own cost.  

There is a greater sense of flexibility and control over rental properties compared to full-service management. Owners can choose which specific tasks they want assistance with, such as guest communication, key exchange, cleaning, or maintenance. Homeowners can make decisions on what platforms to market their properties on whether it be Airbnb or VRBO.  

Cohosting allows the homeowner to run their own business with their own marketing decisions and property management style. This flexibility allows them to put their properties first and overall profitable income at the forefront of their decision making.  

Innovative Services: Example Being Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals 

Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals exemplifies the full-service management model with innovative services such as personalized concierge services, custom vacation packages, pet-friendly accommodations, and eco-friendly initiatives. Another Full Management service that can be beneficial to most homeowners is the analytics and tracking of market trends. This allows homeowners to not only anticipate the sudden surge or drop in bookings, but also gives homeowners a sense of control over decision making in what their next step will be within the rental business landscape.  

A full management company also offers the benefit of being a local expert on things to do and local business partnerships for the best specials and deals. This local knowledge enhances the guest experience and helps maximize rental income for property owners.  

A well-rounded management company would not only manage the housekeeping, maintenance, and marketing for the homeowner but also integrate homeowner requests and preferences into their daily business model. Offering the best attributes of a Co-Host with less hassle for the homeowner. These unique offerings enhance the guest experience and set Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals apart in the vacation rental market. 

Future Predictions & Current Trends in 2024

Looking ahead, full-service property management and co-hosting arrangements are expected to continue coexisting in the vacation rental market. Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals remains at the forefront of industry trends, adapting its services to meet the evolving needs of property owners and guests alike. 

The Travel Industry:  

There is a sense of privacy and independence when you book a home for your vacation rather than a hotel room. It opens the door to endless opportunities for fun, relaxation, cooking, and more. The appeal has not been lost on the greater populations. Let’s get into some statistics. As of 2022 the travel industry was worth 7.7 trillion dollars (about $24,000 per person in the US). OTA’s have 39% of the U.S. online booking market.  

The travel industry is defined by trends, the economy, politics, and even something as simple as the weather. So how does it remain a stable and profitable industry? Well, marketing of course plays a factor, but it comes down to something much more basic, the need to get away, the need to visit family and friends. It has become a society necessity. 


When deciding between full-service property management and co-hosting arrangements, it's crucial to align your choice with your unique needs, preferences, and goals as a property owner. Consider the level of involvement you desire, your budget constraints, and the specific services you require to make a well-informed decision. Ultimately, your decision should prioritize cost-effectiveness and the effectiveness of marketing your property. Additionally, consider your willingness to contribute to the overall success of your property. While both full-service management and co-hosting are viable avenues for profit, opting for an inclusive and innovative management system can be not only profitable but also highly effective and reliable. With a dedicated team supporting you and your property, you can ensure the success and longevity of your vacation rental venture.