SoCo’s Weenie-N-Veggie Soup – Great Vegetable Soup Recipe with a mountain Twist!

Weenie-N-Veggie Soup... AKA Hot Dog Soup.

This twisted Soup idea was conjured by my wife on one fall afternoon. She wanted a hearty all veggie soup and I was craving something that had a bit more to it! She made a fantastic vegetable broth veggie filled pot of goodness. And then I took the recipe one step forward and diced up some hot dogs and there you have it… Weenie-N-Veggie Soup

Here’s the recipe:

Mix in 1 LARGE POT

1 Liter of vegetable broth

1 Small bag of fresh baby carrots sliced

1 Stalk of fresh green onion chopped

3 cups of fresh slice okra

1.5 Cups of kennel corn

8 Diced peeled potatoes

1 Can diced seasoned tomatoes

2.5 Cups of cut green beans

2 cups of precooked lima beans

1 cup of precooked black eyed peas

Simmer covered for 45 minutes to an hour

Add All-season or spices to taste.

That’s the veggie part. Now you have two options:

1.      Add 1 pack of diced nitrate free all beef franks (weenies) before simmering or

2.      Add 1 Frank per bowl as desired.

Either way you have a fantastic soup that can be enjoyed anywhere!