Vacation Rentals Are Best for Your Budget This Summer

When it comes to saving money on a vacation in North Georgia, one of the best ways to do so is to rent a cabin. There are a lot of Blue Ridge cabin rentals available that will not only save you money on your vacation, but will also provide you with a starting point for your outdoor adventure. Here are just a few of the benefits that come with renting a cabin in North GA.

Save Money on Meals

One of the most expensive aspects of vacations is the food. By renting a cabin that has a fully equipped kitchen, you will be able to cook and prepare your own meals. This will save you hundreds of dollars during your visit. This will also allow you to splurge a bit when you do decide to dine out or call a local chef to prepare an in-cabin meal!

Coupon Codes and Discounts

Renting a cabin offers a lot of discount rates compared to standard hotels. Cabin rentals are much easier to secure and are a lot more affordable in the long term. When renting a cabin, you are also dealing with a smaller business, which is more personal. Small businesses want repeat customers, so you can be sure you will be treated like royalty.

Group Vacation

Cabin rentals allow you to vacation with more people. Cabins can have as many rooms and as much space as you desire and you can split the cost between individuals or families. This is not the case with hotels. Having your own space allows you to truly enjoy the company of those you are with in common areas instead of cramped in a hotel room. You will be able to cook together, eat together, and just relax socializing in or around the cabin, enjoying each other’s company.


We all know that despite being on vacation in the great outdoors, there is still a need for Internet access. Whether to stay updated on social media or to respond to work emails, most Blue Ridge cabin rentals offer Internet access. We understand the modern world and know how important it is to stay connected, even on vacation. This also allows you to enjoy a movie with your family on a rainy day or listen to music while cooking.

Cabin Amenities

North GA cabins offer so much more than a standard hotel room. It is impossible to compete with hot tubs, game rooms, outdoor fireplaces, and more. These areas are private just for you and your family; you do not have to share the areas with anyone else. In fact, in a lot of cases your closest neighbors probably live in the tree outside your window.

There are many benefits to renting a cabin in Blue Ridge, GA 90 miles north of Atlanta, from budget-friendly abodes to luxurious lodges with more amenities than you can count. To learn more about summer specials on Southern Comfort's Blue Ridge cabins, give our office a call today. Book the vacation of your dreams.