The Black Sheep Brings New Cuisines to Blue Ridge, GA

black sheep

Of all the restaurants in Blue Ridge, the Black Sheep Bar & Patio is perhaps most aptly named. This offbeat establishment offers a dining experience that is distinctly different for the Blue Ridge area. The historic Fannin County home that holds the restaurant has been beautifully restored, its original charm adding to the relaxed atmosphere. Sourcing locally as much as possible, the restaurant serves southern comfort foods with an updated flair. When fortunate enough to dine during comfortable weather, the patio seating is particularly pleasant.

For an appetizer, start with the Black Sheep lobster roll. Butter poached, the lobster is tender and succulent. The buttered roll under the pile of lobster is also delicious. The Black Sheep tuna nachos are another tasty change of pace from ordinary appetizers. The seared tuna is sesame crusted, and the nachos are made with crispy wontons. Spinach, cucumber and carrots give the nachos a bright, fresh flavor. This is also a great opportunity to make use of the extensive wine list. The Chateau St. Michelle Riesling pairs deliciously with the Asian flavors in the aiolis that accompany the tuna nachos, and this particular Riesling is also available by the glass.

The colorful Caprese salad makes an excellent next course. It certainly does justice to its namesake, the island of Capri. The beefsteak tomato and fresh basil are a classic combination for good reason, and the fresh mozzarella creates a feeling of eating farm-to-table. The balsamic reduction adds a burst of flavor and even more brightness to the crisp salad.

One of the most enjoyable entrées of all the Blue Ridge restaurants is the Black Sheep's filet mignon with a red wine demi glaze. It arrives at the table with the enticing aroma of sizzling, high-quality beef. The steak is an exquisite cut, and it is always cooked to tender perfection. The demi glaze is luscious and rich. This wholly enjoyable entree is packed full of flavor, each bite satisfying and savory. From the wine list, the Kilka Malbec is a great pair with the filet mignon, and will please dining companions who order one of the other premium cuts of steak.

For lighter fare, try the Black Sheep pasta. Brilliant in its simplicity, this dish is executed perfectly. The angel hair pasta and freshly chopped tomatoes are light but flavorful, and the fresh mozzarella adds vibrancy to the meal.

No review of Black Sheep Bar & Patio is complete without the peanut butter-banana pie. The pie is decadent, sweet and simply delicious.

If you and your family are staying in town at one of the many Blue Ridge cabin rentals available in the area, you may want to consider taking some food to go for a midnight snack!