Surround Yourself with Adventure at Just Aska Bear

Aska Rd in the FallIf you’re coming to Blue Ridge to experience Mother Nature, there is no better place to be than in the Aska Adventure Area. Located down Aska road, the Aska Adventure Area boasts 17 miles of hiking and mountain biking trails. The amazing landscape has provided a little something for everyone, offering trails for beginners and experts. Some trails reward you with beautiful mountain views while others gift you with a sensational stream or glimpse of the Toccoa River. Regardless of which paths you choose or which time of year you decide to visit, you are sure to experience the essence of the mountains to its fullest.

The area is known to offer a variety of visual enjoyment throughout every season. As you can imagine, fall has an abundance of colors to feed your eyes as well as the crisp fresh air to clear your mind. Summer is perfect for exploring water spots in the Aska Adventure Area; perhaps partaking in a tubing trip down the Toccoa River to cool you down after a long day of exploring. Be sure to take notice of the wildflowers that grow along the trails and in the surrounding mountain views. In the spring, the honeysuckle blossoms create the sweetest aroma you could possibly imagine. Spending time on the trails in the winter time gives you the opportunity to enjoy the snow or unobstructed and panoramic mountain vistas. With something to offer for every time of year, the Aska Adventure Area can be a splendid destination for your next vacation.

Cabin Rental in Aska


Just Aska Bear is the place

The Aska Adventure Area offers plenty of lodging in the midst of the grandeur. One cabin in particular, named Just Aska Bear, is located steps from the Aska Adventure  hiking trails at Stanley Gap, Deep Gap and Green Mountain. Can you imagine having such convenient access to nature’s gift? Whether you come to hike and bike or whether the Aska Adventure Area is simply a bonus feature to your stay, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with Just Aska Bear.


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