Safety Tips for Booking Your Blue Ridge Cabin Rental Online

socoIn the age of the Internet, consumers have opportunities to make travel arrangements quickly and easily, while saving money at the same time. It looks like a win-win situation, but because of hackers many people are cautious about making reservations online. Here at Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals, we understand that concern, but would like all of our visitors and guests to know that there are steps you can take to avoid being scammed when booking a vacation rental in Blue Ridge, GA or any other part of the U.S.

  • Pay attention to the language, spelling and word use in any communications you have with a rental company. Many scammers are non-native English speakers and have poor command of the language.
  • Call the phone number provided for contact. Scammers' numbers are usually not active.
  • Scammer websites usually look amateurish, if they have one at all.
  • Be careful of using sites where people can post listings with anonymity unless you can verify their legitimacy.
  • Do not place a reservation with a company or person you cannot reach on the phone. A legitimate company can be reached.
  • Beware of super cheap rates. If the rates are far below other company's rental rates, they are usually fraudulent.
  • Research the owner to determine if he or she is genuine. Read posts on social media and read renter reviews. Be critical of posts and reviews, though, because they may be fakes written by the scam artists. Check out phone numbers and addresses and cross reference them on many different sites.
  • There is much information you can check in reviews. For example, find out if names remain consistent in postings; switching names is a red flag.
  • Do not rent without speaking to the owner on the telephone. It is easier to detect scams on the phone than the Internet.
  • Pay by credit card only so you are somewhat protected by your credit card company.

As a professional, trusted cabin rental company in Blue Ridge, GA, we encourage you to check our credentials. Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals is a fully accredited business, a member of the Blue Ridge Lodging Association, the Fannin County Chamber of Commerce, and the Vacation Rental Managers Association. Our guests always receive high quality accommodations in our beautiful Blue Ridge cabin rentals, and we strive to exceed your expectations in every service that we provide for you.