Reviewing Blue Ridge Brewery – The Total Package of Tastiness

blue ridge brewery

There are several appealing choices when considering which of the Blue Ridge restaurants to try next. For a casual atmosphere that includes craft beer and outdoor seating when weather permits, a review of Blue Ridge Brewery clearly reveals it is an excellent option. Locals enjoy this place so much that they have to bring their visitors from out of town at the first opportunity.

Your Blue Ridge Brewery experience should definitely begin with an appetizer. The spicy crab dip makes an excellent starter, as the heat is just enough to have you coming back for more. This zesty dip is quite enjoyable with the grilled pita that accompanies it. If the Rare Vos Amber Ale is available when visiting, it goes very well with the Blue Ridge Brewery's American Kobe beef burger.

This burger brings to the table that tantalizing scent of tasty beef that makes the mouth immediately water. The complexity of the ale with its hint of cloves complements the juicy beef, spicy pepper jack cheese and the roasted onions on the burger. The boldness of the crunchy Creole slaw makes it a good choice for one of the sides to have with the burger, and roasted potatoes balance the meal deliciously as a second side.

For vegetarian fare, the veggie panini is a great option. The rosemary focaccia bread is aromatic and flavorsome, and the vegetables complement one another well in the sandwich. Mushrooms give the panini subtle earthiness, the cherry peppers give it brightness, and the goat cheese with cranberry combination adds a delicious tang and depth of flavor.

The pan seared salmon on the entrée portion of menu is a great choice for dinner. A side salad and seasonal veggies are a pleasing and natural accompaniment to the buttery salmon, cooked so flawlessly it flakes gently under the fork. For your beverage, try one of the Brewery’s crisp, refreshing pale ales, which will pair nicely with the unctuous salmon.
Blue Ridge Brewery's food is simply delicious, and the atmosphere enhances each bite. The establishment is appropriate for children and when the weather permits outdoor seating, patrons may also bring their dog along.

When seeking great restaurants in Blue Ridge, the Brewery should be near or on the top of your list, especially if you're in town for awhile or staying in a Blue Ridge cabin rental.