Overcoming Cabin Fever

north-ga-cabin-rentals-board-gamesYou have finally taken time to get away for a family vacation in the lovely Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia. Your family is excited about doing all of the fun outdoor activities they have been dreaming about all year long but when you get there, the weather changes. You find yourselves looking at four walls instead of an expanse of forest. Don't despair! You can banish cabin fever by making sure everyone has so much fun they won't mind a temporary change of plans.

Tips for Battling Cabin Fever

  • Have a dance party. People take turns teaching a new dance to the group. Another idea is everyone individually performs a dance the group tells them to do.  The person who does the most dances correctly, wins.
  • Cook a hearty meal together. Take advantage of the kitchen in your cabin to whip up your family's favorite stew, soup, or chili and serve accompaniments such as cornbread or crackers.
  • Plan where you will be going when the weather clears up. Have each family member write down places they would like to visit and the advantages of going to that place. Create a budget for your trip by finding out what the cost of your adventures will be by doing online research.
  • Play games together. After you have exhausted the old favorites or you just want something new, try some games you can find on the internet. For example, one fun game is the Feather Blow Away. Play is between 2 players seated at a table. Each has a straw and a feather. Players blow through the straw and try to blow their opponents feather off the table. Another game at the table is with balloons. The object is to keep your balloon in the air without touching it and keeping it aloft by blowing through a straw. The one who keeps the balloon in the air the longest is the winner.
  • Open one of the jigsaw puzzles and spread it on the kitchen table, if it is big enough, or any flat surface. A jigsaw puzzle is good for hours of fun.

These are just a few ideas to get you started thinking about activities to keep everyone busy and happy. Fortunately, if you are in one of our Blue Ridge cabin rentals, your surroundings are comfortable and you will have all of the amenities you have at home. If you want more ideas for combatting cabin fever, call our front desk and our staff will be happy to help you.