Our Favorite Things About Blue Ridge

We are fortunate to live and work in beautiful Blue Ridge.  It's always nice to have some local insight,  we surveyed a hand full of local experts (the Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals incredible staff!) to share their favorite things to do and see in North Georgia! Click on caption under each image for more information. Give us a call 1-866-4 CABINS and we would be honored to discuss more options or help you plan your next adventure in Blue Ridge, Georgia.

likes to play “tourist” and shop in the local downtown stores
Kim - It's fun to play “tourist” and shop in the local downtown stores.
Likes Hiking and Exploring Downtown eats
Ray - This is a great area for hiking and exploring Downtown eats.
Emily - Anything to do with water!
Emily - Anything to do with water! There are so many options.
Beatrice - I really enjoy kayaking. Click here for info on kayak rentals.
Matt - Mountain biking. Trails vary from beginner to advanced.
Jennifer - I love driving the backroads and checking out the beautiful scenery.
Sophia - Watersports on the lake and enjoys eating and hanging with friends at the Blue Ridge Brewery
Like exploring the local restaurants
Angela - I recommend exploring the local restaurants, we have some great dining options.
Likes Ziplining
Amy - I love the thrill of Ziplining! Click here for a few that are in Blue Ridge or nearby.
Rachel - I enjoy all of our local waterfalls that are an easy walk or hike to access.
Riding through the Mountains
Pearl - I really like to go for a ride through the Mountains.