Holiday Travel Tips from Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals

Holidays in Blue Ridge, GA

There is no a better time of year for cheer than the month of December. The holidays are officially here, and for many families that means that a bit of winter travel is in store. While we here at Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals won’t eat that fruit cake your grandmother will probably give you, the SoCo team will give you a few tips to keep you and your loved ones sane and safe this winter, whether you’re in the air on the road.

If you’re flying to Blue Ridge, GA…

Dress Accordingly – If you are coming from a place where the winter weather is mild and balmy, make sure you wear clothes that are appropriate for the city that you are landing in, where the weather may be crisp and cooler. The last thing that you want to deal with when you’re walking outside of the terminal is the cold weather.

Prepare ahead for lost baggage – It’s an unfortunate truth, but if it can happen, rest assured they bet on it in Las Vegas! Prepare for this possibility ahead of time by splitting up important items into more than one suitcase, so that your family will not be totally out of luck if a baggage is misplaced. Have the address for our office handy as well. Airlines will deliver bags when they are located. We can hold it at our office or deliver it to your cabin.

Provide distractions – If you’re toting a little one (or two or three) along with your carry-on, make sure to pack some snacks and games to keep him or her occupied. Lines can be long and stress-levels could get high, and an unhappy child won’t help matters when you’re trying to find your terminal or board a plane. Keep the end in mind; remind yourself how nice it will be when you get to Blue Ridge <BIG smile> it’s your happy place.

If you’re driving to Blue Ridge, GA…

Organize packing by destination – If you’re hitting the road this holiday season and will be spending time at more than one destination, it can be really helpful to pack items according to where you will be going in separate bags.

Games – This goes along with providing distractions for your children as we mentioned above. Taking a road trip to a loved one’s home for Christmas can be loads of fun, but time can take its toll on smaller children. Pack games and snacks that will keep your kids happy and excited about your trip. Play holiday music, or see if you can get them to take a nap on the way to your destination.

Separate bag for winter clothes – If you pack a separate bag specifically for winter clothes, you won’t have to search through everyone’s stuff to find a coat or a pair of gloves. Put this bag in an easy-to-find place in your car so that everyone can access warmer clothes if needed.

If you’re looking for the hottest vacation destination to visit in December, look no further than Blue Ridge, Georgia! Our Blue Ridge cabin rentals are warm, cozy, and the perfect place to start exploring the winter wonderlands of North Georgia.  The holidays are one of the most popular times of the year to visit, so book while there are still some properties available.  Otherwise consider January and February for the best cabin rental selection and a quieter atmosphere!