Must-See Attractions in Blue Ridge, GA

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Long before settlers arrived to take their lands, the Cherokee Indians knew what a beautiful and tranquil area Blue Ridge, Georgia was. Planning a vacation near your Blue Ridge cabin rental will ensure that your stay in this lovely area is perfect. The town center is full of art galleries, antique shops, and specialty stores, and has a bustling event calendar that offers something for every taste profile. There is fun and adventure around every corner in Blue Ridge, so be sure to check out a few of the most popular, must-see attractions in the gem of North Georgia.

Must-See Attraction #1:

The historic Blue Ridge Railroad is a great way to take a flashback trip through the past and see the area through the lens of rail travel. You'll cruise along the Tocca River on the tracks that connect Blue Ridge and McCaysville, taking in the beautiful scenery and mountain air for about an hour, before you spend about two hours in McCaysville, enjoying lunch and exploring the town.

Must-See Attraction #2:

The Swan Drive-in Theater is one of three drive-in theaters remaining in Georgia. The Swan Drive-In offers first-run movies with an old fashioned feel. Their gigantic Mayor burger has nine toppings and requires a basket and fork to eat. It runs just $4.75, so you are safe from the inflated prices of a regular theater. Bring a lawn chair and kick back to enjoy a good movie!

Must-See Attraction #3:

The whitewater rafting adventures at the Ocoee Whitewater Center are a great daytime excursion for the whole family. Whether you kayak, raft, slip or slide, a great day is in store -- so be sure to bring your water shoes!

Must-See Attraction #4:

Head on over to Lake Blue Ridge to find the best trout fishing in Georgia. The area is known as the Trout Capital of Georgia, and you're sure to enjoy your day on the water.

Must-See Attraction #5:

Hiking the Cohutta Mountains is the last on this list, but certainly not the least. The Native Americans believed these mountains held the sky up, and getting out in the forest is worth it if only for the breathtaking waterfalls you will find there.

On the edge of the beautiful and historic Chattahoochee National Forest, outdoor activities and the appreciation of nature are at their peak here. Watching the mist rise and move over Lake Blue Ridge should be in every guidebook, and most certainly on your list of activities to enjoy during your getaway vacation in your Blue Ridge cabin rental.