Last Minute Gift Giving Ideas in Blue Ridge, Georgia

With dozens of local shops that you can only find in Blue Ridge, you’re sure to discover a gift for everyone on your list – from sweet treats for your best friends to stunning jewelry for that special someone.

Here are 5 must-see shops to get you started on your gift-giving expedition!  

Folk Apothic Natural, homemade salves, ointments, teas, supplies, and more for those who want and authentic taste of Appalachia.

Folk Apothic is one of those shops where you could get lost for hours looking at the wonderful wares sold here, which come straight from the hills of Appalachia. From yoga class gift cards to locally grown, small-batch products, this is the perfect place to find a gift for the person in your life who values all-things natural and organic.

The Rum Cake Lady Because who doesn’t want a deliciously divine rum cake for Christmas?

The Rum Cake Lady has quickly become one of the most popular eateries in Downtown Blue Ridge. This family-owned, fast-casual restaurant is a great place to stop for lunch during your Christmas gift hunt. Before you check out, grab a few rum cakes for the sweet’s lover in your life – they’ll be so happy you did!

Pro Tip: The Rum Cake Lady also sells frozen versions of her famous Cuban Bowls – a great gift idea for anyone you know who enjoys Cuban cuisine. 

PezrokTeak furniture, petrified wooden sinks, timeless fossils, and one-of-a-kind creations for your home or office.

Specializing in Nature’s Artistry, Pezrok is located in the heart of Downtown Blue Ridge. Here, you will find a trove of terrestrial treasures like Juniper lamps, Dichroic glass art, unique home décor, and even handmade canoes and kayaks. Take your time and look around this incredible store – there are literally gems around every corner!

Huck’s General StoreTime travel back to your childhood and grab a craft soda while you shop for stocking stuffers.

Huck’s is a local legend in Blue Ridge. There really is something for everyone at this old-fashioned shop, from forgotten-about candy and food to charming trinkets and homemade soaps. If you’re looking for Christmas stocking gifts, Huck’s General Store is where you want to go.

Multitudes GalleryHand-blown glass, regional pottery, original paintings, and more from over 120 nationally-known artists.

A haven for artists and creative souls, Multitudes Gallery is located off East Main Street, just a short walk from Pezrok and Huck’s General Store. A holiday gift from this popular shop will warm the heart of any artist in your life. In addition to their wide array of ironwork, paintings, jewelry, and other handcrafted gifts, Multitudes has separate rooms in their gallery where local artists display their work. If you’re looking for a meaningful, locally-crafted gift, be sure to swing by Multitudes to look around.

Even More Stores to Visit!

With dozens of stores in Downtown Blue Ridge, we wouldn’t be able to cover them all without writing a book! For quick reference, here are a few more shops you should consider while you’re shopping for Christmas gifts:

Blue Ridge Mountain Outfitters – Here, you can find just about every outdoor adventure clothing brand on the market like Yeti, Northface, Patagonia, and more.

Canoe Escape the obvious at Canoe, where you can find lovely leather goods like purses, handbags, and accessories.

Taste of Amish Find old-world craftsmanship to today’s modern society at Taste of Amish! We’re talking jams, jellies, time-tested remedies, and even custom furniture. If your tummy is rumbling, grab a homemade sandwich from the deli are – Taste of Amish is one of the most underrated eateries in Blue Ridge!