Going to the Beach for a Vacation is so 2012


As we get closer to the time of the year when the temperatures outside begin to drop, it has become apparent over the last few years that the popularity of vacation rentals (particularly luxury cabin rentals and lakefront cabin rentals located in the North Georgia Mountains) has skyrocketed.

It seems that folks cherish the solitude that comes along with renting a cabin, and with good reason. Instead of overcrowded beaches there are cool forest trails leading to spectacular waterfalls. Instead of congested cities there are quaint towns with local cuisine and unique shops.

If you are a first-time renter who is thinking about taking a getaway vacation this fall, be sure to find out the following information from your cabin rental management company.

Is a rental contract required? – You may want to make this one of your first questions, as you need to know how your transactions are going to be handled. Most professionally managed cabin rental companies like Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals have rental contracts that you must sign and return.

Is a security deposit required? – If so, make sure you check out refund policies if something comes up and you can’t reach your destination. Which brings us to the next question.

What is the cancellation policy of the rental company you are booking with? – In life, sometimes things happen and reservations need to be cancelled. See what your rental company’s policy is.

Are there any pre-departure requirements you must complete before you leave?-You may have to return to the home office to check out.

Are there any cabins available to rent at this time? – This should seem like a no-brainer, but the excitement that comes along with finding the perfect cabin can have a powerful effect on you.

The benefits of finding a well-respected cabin rental company that you trust with your credit card and more importantly trust with your family are substantial, which is why Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals remains the premiere company offering Blue Ridge cabin rentals in and around Fannin County.

Each and every one of our properties are held to the highest standards of safety and quality, and with our knowledgeable, one-of-a-kind team of receptionists and house cleaners you are sure to build memories on your first mountain vacation that will last for years to come.