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Featured Restaurants In Blue Ridge, Georgia

The dining landscape in Blue Ridge has never been as diverse or exciting as it is right now in 2019. From real-deal BBQ and cash-only hidden gems to quirky gastropubs and award-winning eateries, Blue Ridge has got grub for every taste bud and dietary preference.  Pull up a chair and get ready for your stomach to growl as we highlight some of the newest places to eat in Georgia’s Blue Ridge!

Hansen’s Grill

If you’re looking for unique takes on homemade food, make sure you add Hansen’s Grill to your list of restaurants to try. Hansen’s specializes in breakfast and lunch, with menu items including an amazing take on fried chicken with coleslaw, broccoli, sidewinder fries, and white gravy, chicken pot pie with a biscuit crust, egg in-a-hole sandwich a killer brunch buffet on Saturdays and Sundays.

With a location right in the heart of Downtown Blue Ridge and outdoor dining options, this meal will be one to remember given the selection of dishes and country-chic ambiance.

Misty Mountain Hops

Located off East 1st Street (just a quick walk to Blue Ridge’s Downtown district), Misty Mountain Hops is new on the restaurant scene and quickly becoming a favorite of locals and weekend vacationers alike. This music-centric joint is great for folks who appreciate great tunes and even better customer service, who might be looking to enjoy a tasty cocktail or frosty beverage after work too.

If you’re more in the mood for lunch, prepare to be impressed; Misty Mountain Hops is no run-of-the-mill dive bar, serving up delectable food options like their deep fried deviled eggs and their Dixie Chicken Sandwich. Take a trip back in time and reminisce with The Chub; Misty Mountain Hop’s take on a fried bologna sandwich. Don’t forget to check out their schedule of live music performances!

Kizuna Sushi and Noodle

As one user on TripAdvisor put it, “I just can’t get enough of this place. Great atmosphere, excellent food prepared fresh. Open concept kitchen is clean and a great focal point. The Yakisoba is delish. Good rolls and teriyaki bowls.”

That’s a pretty apt description of Kizuna Sushi – Blue Ridge’s newest Japanese restaurant and sushi joint. If you’ve got a sushi addiction, Kizuna will feed your habit in the best way possible, with freshly made sushi and sashimi rolls. Don’t forget to try their sake; Kizuna has new brands imported all the time, and they’re constantly thinking of new ways to use it in drinks. There’s nothing quite like a sake bomb to start your weekend off right!


This list is just a small snapshot of the restaurants you’ll find in North Georgia.  Click here for more Blue Ridge restaurants.


Cover image: Kizuna Sushi and Noodle