Scenic Beauty and the Blue Ridge Experience

Blue Ridge waterfall

When thinking of a great getaway, whether with a special friend, the entire family or even a solo adventure, the Blue Ridge area of the North Georgia Mountains offer an impressive immersion into the beauty of nature. The National Forest Territory surrounding Fannin County (nearly 80% of the county is National Forest!) provides an excellent opportunity to get out of the city and enjoy the fresh air while also learning something about the native habitat of the area. Some of the exciting wildlife common to this area include:

• Black Bears
• Coyote
• Bobcat
• Deer
• Squirrels (red and gray)
• Woodchucks
• Raccoon
• Chipmunks
• Opossums
• Foxes (red and gray)
• River Otter
• Over 230 Bird Species
• Snakes
• Lizards
• Turtles
• Wild Turkeys

The Blue Ridge Experience is enjoying nature. It is easy when you rent a North Georgia cabin from a company like Southern Comfort, because all you have to do is step out on your front porch and pull up a chair. You can bring the family along and know that your time will be spent enjoying the things that are most important to you, whether you choose to venture into the woods or take a short drive to all of the fun and excitement of Downtown Blue Ridge.

Life’s day-to-day hubbub and hectic pace are something many people like to leave behind for a few
days. Fortunately, after you choose your Blue Ridge cabin rental, you can take a step back and spend
some quality time relaxing.

Learn about the natural habitat, watch birds gently glide through the sky and listen to the sounds of
trickling water outside.

Whether you enjoy hiking, fishing or bird watching, renting a North Georgia cabin is an excellent way to
rejuvenate the entire family. All too often, people are busy with rushed schedules, electronic games and
far too many things on their to-do list, but a retreat to the quiet serenity of the woods gives everyone a
wonderful opportunity to reconnect and enjoy some quality quiet time together.