The Blue Ridge Brewery – A Great Restaurant in Downtown Blue Ridge is Expanding

Blue Ridge Brewery WebsiteRight when you thought things at the iconic Blue Ridge Brewery were perfect, business at 187 Depot Street is about to pick up!

Set to open September 1, 2012, the all new and recently expanded Brew Room offers thirsty patrons a place to come and enjoy everything that the Brewery already offers plus some! The recent upgrades include; another full bar, increased seating capacity, and an intimate live music stage. These additions promise to add an enhanced flavor to the already diverse menu that visitors to the North Georgia Mountains swear by as their favorite fine dining establishment.

The new Brew Room is an extension of the existing bar, which offers a truly unique atmosphere in and of itself with shelves housing custom made mugs, walls with metal and wood accents and an incredibly deep selection of domestic and foreign craft beers and liquors. This expanded space also allows the brewer to create a wide variety of in-house brews to complement the impressive collection of current beers. Innovative and thoughtfully designed, the Brew Room boasts three custom built walk-in refrigerated coolers, laagering tanks, brewers kitchen and dry storage to support the all the brewers receipts.

If you have never been there before, the Blue Ridge Brewery isn’t your typical watering hole. For all of the high quality beverages and fine dining that the Brewery offers, the clientele that the Brewery attracts is most certainly not of the snooty variety, but rather a mish mash of all types. On any given day you’ll find everyone from bikers to local business owners, Blue Ridge cabin owners to local professionals and everyone in between. You can easily strike up a conversation with someone at the bar sitting next to you about local trout fishing or politics, and moments later find yourself talking to owner Patrick Walker about what his favorite German beer is and why.

Relaxing and entertainment are fantastic! It seems as if there is always something happening at the Blue Ridge Brewery. The sound system is great, often times spinning a cornucopia of different tunes off of an iPod. What’s better, soon customers will be able to enjoy their music totally live, starting with the soft opening from Danny Rhea on September 1st! Other events like the Blue Ridge Blues Crawl on September 22nd will feature musical talents of Roger “Hurricane” Wilson. This will be a welcome and well accepted addition to this growing music scene in the North Georgia Mountains.

So next time you plan to rent a cabin in Blue Ridge, GA or if you’re just passing through be sure to stop by the Blue Ridge Brewery. Because you never know who you might meet or what they might say, but we can guarantee it will be cool.

The Brew Ridge Brewery would like to thank Joe Placher of Cabin Watch for the swift and quality craftsmanship of the demolition and overall renovation of both bars. Also special thanks to Innovative Spray Solutions, a residential and commercial spray foam insulation company who aided in the completion of the custom built walk-ins. Be sure to stop by the Blue Ridge Brewery and check it out first hand.  Learn more or preview the menu at

Blue Ridge Brewery | 187 Depot Street Blue Ridge, GA 30513 | 706-632-6611