Blue Ridge Arts in the Park Gets BIGGER and Better Every Year!


arts in the park

One of the most enjoyable attractions to experience when you come to Blue Ridge, Georgia is the Arts in the Park festival, which is held once a year on Memorial Day weekend and then again in the autumn.

This festival is run by the Blue Ridge Mountains Arts Association and Art Center, a long-time purveyor of fine art crafted by local and regional artists. Throughout the year the Association works hard to display various exhibits and workshops, and relishes in the opportunity to present visitors with a true
representation of the Appalachian art form.

For 38 years, the Blue Ridge Mountains Arts Association has been contributing to the culture of North Georgia residents, as well as visitors to Blue Ridge. The Arts in the Park festival began as an avenue for local artists to display their work and gain recognition, but has evolved into an attraction that garners attention across the Southeast United States and beyond.

Today, there is something for everyone at the Spring Arts in the Park event. The Southeastern Tourism
Society has called the festival one of the top 20 events in the region. Here is a sampling of what you can

• More than 200 art, craft and food booths
• Demonstrations of music and dance that exemplify the best in the area
• Activities geared to the children so the entire family can enjoy the two day festival

Join the thousands of others who will come to Blue Ridge Memorial Day weekend to enjoy a full day browsing through imaginative artwork, listening to the live music, and treating yourself and your family to a beautifully crafted gift.

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