Best Day Trips 1 Hour From Blue Ridge

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There's a million-and-one reasons why you get in your car every day and drive, whether it's going to your kid's band practice or battling rush hour on your way to work. Being an adult and having a driving routine kind of go hand-in-hand, and there's nothing wrong with that. After all, we've all got to do some "adulting" at some point.

But, when was the last time that driving became anything more than a daily chore or, dare we say, a burden for you? When was the last time that you actually looked forward to driving?
When you strip away the flat tires, high gas prices, and traffic jams, driving can actually be an enjoyable experience. You remember that feeling, right? Back in the day, when you had your first car and taking a day trip was something to look forward to?

Why not tap into that feeling again? There are some truly awesome day trip options in North Georgia, many of which are only about an hour away your Blue Ridge cabin rental.

So, go ahead - hop in your car, bring some friends (human or four-legged) or family along for the ride, and go for a North Georgia day trip that you won't soon forget.

Here are a few destinations for you to consider:

Helen, GA - 1hr 6min
One of the most popular towns to visit in North Georgia, Helen offers day-trippers the charm of Bavaria in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Helen's special blend of culture, traditions, history, and arts attracts thousands of people each year and has something for everyone in your party, from kids to adults. Don't forget the many seasonal attractions that can be found in Helen, like ultra-popular Oktoberfest, which takes place from September through October.


Cleveland, GA - 1hr 9min
From a quaint town square with unique shops offering a variety of merchandise to the North Georgia Zoo and Babyland General Hospital (home to the original Cabbage Patch Kids!), Cleveland, GA is just over an hour from Blue Ridge, GA and is a great option for a leisurely day trip. Other activities include golfing, hiking, the Unicoi Wine Trail and paddling on the Chattahoochee River.


Dahlonega, GA - 1hr 1min
As the site of the first major U.S. Gold Rush and the Heart of Georgia Wine Country, Dahlonega was named one of "The South's Best Small Towns 2017" by Southern Living Magazine in 2017, and offers a golden opportunity for the perfect day out with friends and family. Whether you get your feet wet in the river panning for gold or just take a relaxing stroll through the delightful Downtown area, Dahlonega is a great destination for a day trip.


Ellijay, GA - 30min
Located about a half-hour away from Downtown Blue Ridge, Ellijay sits in Gilmer County, appropriately named the "Apple Capital of Georgia." Home to the Georgia Apple Festival and Georgia Apple Blossom Festival, Ellijay is also well known for its many trails, rivers, and vineyards. Small in size but big on adventure, Ellijay is a great place to visit if you're looking for a day trip only a short distance from your Blue Ridge cabin rental.


McCaysville, GA - 20min
McCaysville sits along the Tennessee-Georgia state line, where visitors can actually have one foot in Georgia and one foot in Tennessee. The final destination for the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway, which emanates from Blue Ridge, McCaysville is a popular lunchtime destination with plenty of quaint shopping options for singles, couples, and families alike. Check out the Toccoa River, which flows through the center of town!