Bear Safety Tips in the North GA Mountains

north-ga-cabin-rentals-1While bear attacks are rare, you should learn about them before going into the wilderness and protected forest areas surrounding Blue Ridge, GA. Below are some tips for you and your family to look over and take to heart:

Black Bears, the smallest in the U.S., may have a patch of light fur on the chest and be reddish colored.

  • Males' are 150-300 pounds; females, 150 pounds.
  • Male are 4'-7' long and 2'-3' tall at the shoulders.
  • Black bears' mid-face has a depression extending from ears to nose, and large, pointed ears. They have no hump.
  • Claws are short so they are great tree climbers.
  • Prints have a big toe arc, toes are far apart, and claws don't show.

Trail and Backcountry Alertness

  • Make noise so bears hear you.
  • Travel in a group.
  • Plans hikes after dawn and before dusk when bears are least active.
  • Stay on marked trails.
  • Watch for digs, bear-rubbed trees, scat, and tracks.
  • Leave your dog home.

Meeting a Bear

  • Remain calm; move slowly.
  • Avoid the bear. If it changes behavior, back away.
  • If the bear doesn't see you, change direction.
  • If the bear does see you, let it know you are human; speak normally and wave your arms.
  • A standing bear may only want a better view.
  • If the bear moves toward you, throw something down for it to investigate and make your escape.
  • Never feed or throw food at a bear.

Responding to a Bear Charge

  • Most bear charges are bluffs.
  • Do not run. Wait for it to stop and move away.
  • Bears will chase you if you are climbing.

Black Bear Attack

  • Be noisy, wave your arms, and hold your ground.
  • Fight aggressively with anything you can.
  • Start pepper spraying when the bear is about 40 feet away so it runs into the mist.
  • Play dead only if you know the bear is protecting cubs.

All of our guests at Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals staying in one of our Blue Ridge cabin rentals should feel free to call the desk for more bear safety tips from our knowledgeable staff.