9 Budget-Friendly Ways to Make Your Blue Ridge, GA Vacation Rental More Luxurious

The more luxurious a vacation rental looks and feels, the more likely it is to win bookings over its competition, earn higher nightly rates, and enhance the guest experience for better reviews and more repeat guests. Lucky for vacation rental homeowners, a luxe look and feel doesn’t have to come with a high-end price tag. The following strategies are some of Southern Comfort Cabin Rental's favorite ways to elevate a property on your next visit to Blue Ridge, GA without spending a fortune.

  1. Clear the clutter

The first, best and cheapest (free) thing a homeowner can do is declutter. Clutter can make rooms feel cramped, distract from otherwise beautiful spaces, make it difficult for guests to find what they need. Getting rid of the superfluous instantly creates a more relaxing and happier atmosphere.

2. Set the stage for luxury with a thoughtful, welcoming entryway

The entryway sets the first impression for how guests will experience the rest of the home. Put the home’s best foot forward starting outside the front door with things like fresh paint, ample lighting, potted plants, and a new welcome mat. Inside, again include great lighting and a nice welcome mat, as well as conveniences like a console table, bench, and coat hooks, space permitting.

3. Offer spa-like amenities

Guests have come to expect all vacation rentals to provide toiletries like shampoo and soap just as hotels do. One way to meet this expectation, elevate the luxuriousness of your home, and save money in the long run is to buy quality liquid toiletries in bulk then decant them into glass dispensers. Other pampering amenities guests will love are comfy robes (make sure your laundry system can accommodate the additional textiles) or slippers or eye masks they can bring home.

4. Bring in flowers and greenery

Artful flower arrangements are a hallmark of luxury accommodations, but they may not always be possible for those with limited turnover time and tight budgets. Instead, bring in floral bouquets for special occasion or VIP guests as a special touch just for them, or consider low-maintenance or faux house plants in stylish planters and vases.

5. Upgrade dated fixtures

Nothing says “blah” like dated doorknobs, faucets, drawer pulls, outlet covers, light fixtures, and other hardware. While you can certainly swap all of these items out for contemporary replacements, you may be able to get additional mileage out of the fixtures already in place with a simple refinishing. For example, DIY tutorials like this faucet upgrade and this $200 bathroom makeover turn old, dingy bathroom fixtures to stylish accents that uplift the design of the entire space.

6. Add great artwork

Great artwork doesn’t need to be expensive. Make affordable prints or canvas works look high end with a designer-looking frame and matting for high impact at a low cost. Check out the local Blue Ridge artists’ work at any of the galleries in and around town!

7. Create a restful bedroom sanctuary

Vacation rentals, at their most basic and essential function, are a place for travelers to rest their heads at night. Make the most of this with plush bedding they can’t wait to sink into. Start with soft white sheets and pillow cases. For pillows, provide soft and firm options for each sleeper. Top everything off with a fluffy comforter or duvet, decorative pillows, and a throw blanket - maybe even leave chocolates for a classic touch (might not be ideal for dog-friendly rentals). This guide from Studio McGee provides a great head start with three foolproof arrangements.

8. Replace plastic with natural materials

Wood, glass, stone, metal and other natural materials look and feel more luxurious than plastic. Though they may cost a little more up front, they’ll usually better stand the test of time. This upgrade gets the most mileage in the kitchen where natural materials give a sleek finish to the dozens of utilitarian items there, like storage and serving containers, mixing bowls, dishware, and utensils. Brandless and IKEA are great places to stock up.

9. Replace dull or worn textiles with luxurious alternatives

Dull (or absent) window treatments and rugs can make a whole room look unpolished, but the fix is simple. Choose blinds, curtains, or both that best suit each room in both style and function, then be sure to measure and install them with purpose. This guide from Real Simple will help.

The same goes for rugs. There are right and wrong ways to choose size, styles, and materials, so check out these tips from Overstock to make the best buying decisions. For both of these room accessories, lean toward options that are durable and easy to keep clean.

For more design tips, contact Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals.