Lake Blue Ridge Cabins

5 Reasons to Visit Lakefront Cabins on Lake Blue Ridge for Your Next Vacation

Have you been thinking about going to Lake Blue Ridge for your next vacation?

With beautiful mountains, challenging hikes, and a quaint downtown area, you have everything you'll need for a relaxing yet adventurous getaway! And most importantly, you can stay in a beautiful cabin to feel like you are in the lap of luxury right in the middle of Nature.

Ready to learn more reasons why you should spend time at lakefront cabins on Lake Blue Ridge? Keep reading to find out!

1. Beautiful Indoor and Outdoor Space

Lake Blue Ridge Cabins - Blue Ridge Lake Retreat

When you rent a cabin on Lake Blue Ridge, you are guaranteed a beautiful indoor and outdoor space. If the weather is gloomy or you just feel like spending a day cozied up inside, you know you'll have all the comforts and luxury you need.

The beautiful cabins at Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals have beautiful, spacious interiors with all amenities you would need. Some offer breathtaking mountain views, while others have large decks to hang out on.

The lake retreat cabins have a gorgeous view of the lake while offering a fireplace inside with a spacious kitchen. Blue Ridge Lake Retreat provides all that and much more, including a newly renovated cottage with a king bed, full bathroom, parlor, and kitchen.

 2. Perfect for Adventure Seekers

Lake Blue Ridge Cabins - Jump Right In

Located in the heart of the Aska Adventure Area in Necowa Cove, the Jump Right In cabin is perfect for groups who want to do it all. This cabin offers a private boat dock, gas grill, fire pit area, and a hot tub on a screened-in porch. This outdoor space will surely be the highlight of your stay!

3. Recreation Activities Everyone in the Family will Enjoy!

Lake Blue Ridge Cabins - Mist Trail Lake House

While exploring the outdoors is a favorite for many, know that even when the weather isn't favorable, there is plenty to do without leaving the cabin! Have a larger group? Misty Trail Lakehouse has five bedrooms, plenty of space, and a game room with air hockey, a ping pong table, and foosball. 

4. Close to Explore Downtown 

Lake Blue Ridge Cabins - When In Rome

If you love exploring downtown areas, staying at a cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains gives you close access to the surrounding towns and cities.

When you visit Blue Ridge's Downtown, be sure to walk around to experience the artsy vibe of the town. You also won't want to miss the local breweries while you are in town, either!

When In Rome is only 10 minutes from Downtown. 

5. Enjoy and Explore Nature

Lake Blue Ridge Cabins - Gleesome Inn

The main reason you'll want to go to Lake Blue Ridge is to experience and soak in Nature.

There are many surrounding hikes in the Blue Ridge mountains - plenty to keep you busy for the length of your stay.

If you're looking for a more private cabin with a dock included, the Gleesome Inn is a great place to be one with Nature.

Renting Lakefront Cabins in Blue Ridge

For your next vacation, you'll want to rent lakefront cabins on Lake Blue Ridge in Georgia! There is so much to do and see as well as amenities you will enjoy. 

If you are ready to book, head here to choose from many styles and sizes of cabins that will fit all your needs.