2016 Real Estate Update for Blue Ridge, GA

Agent spotlight, Sandy Wilbanks Blue Ridge Real Estate Agent in her own words...



Although the crisp winter air still surrounds us, spring is just around the corner in the North Georgia mountains. Warmer temperatures invoke the need to crawl out from our seasonal hibernation and look forward to the influx of visitors and real estate buyers. Soon the daffodils will pop up, the dogwoods will bloom, and we will have festivals and farmer's markets. It truly is a buyer's paradise.

2015 was an outstanding year for me and Sharp Real Estate Services in Blue Ridge, GA and I foresee incredible growth for 2016. With the anticipation of continued real estate demand in the area, a surge of inventory will be required to meet those needs. Have you been thinking about selling your house?


Now is the time. Perhaps your neighbor, friend, or family member is interested in buying or selling. As always, I am honored by referrals from past, present, and future clients.

I pride myself on personal, individual, undivided attention to each client. I attempt to be as knowledgeable as possible, and tireless in my efforts to serve each buyer/seller, as each transaction is unique. I believe you will benefit greatly from the many and strong relationships I have built over my years in real estate with all the entities you will encounter through your buying or selling process including inspectors, appraisers, mortgage brokers, and closing attorneys.  Along with Sharp Real Estate Services, we can help manage or rent your property through our partnership with Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals, one of the most reputable and respected vacation rental companies in North GA.

All you have to do is make the call or send me an email. Let's get started.

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Sandy Wilbanks
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